• What are the plushies made of?

    Skin/Hair: Minky Polyester, Stuffing: Polyester fibre, Overalls: Cotton twill, Stitching: Cotton


    What are the dust bags made of?

    Bags and strings are made of 100% cotton.


    How tall are the plushies?

    Zuri is 12.75” tall

    Dre  is 11.5” tall


    What currency are the prices in?

    All prices are in Canadian Dollars ($CAD).


    How do I care for my Plushie?

    Wipe plushies with a damp cloth. We do not recommend machine washing Zuri or Dre. You can machine wash their clothes after removing them from the plushies, on a gentle cycle, but do no put their clothes or the plushies in the dryer.

  • Do I have to buy both dolls?

    Nope! Each plush doll is sold individually.


    Do you offer wholesale or consignment opportunities?

    Yes, we do! Before offering a wholesale or consignment contract, we always want to make sure that the store is a great fit for Zuri & Dre. Make sure to send us a message to get the consignment process started!

    Why did you take off the plastic buttons?

    Our plastic buttons are safe and tested, but they aren't the best things to have around babies & toddlers. So we took them off, in order for Zuri & Dre to be safe for ALL ages! 


    Have another question for us?

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